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Hi friends, Happy Sunday!! Today I"m sharing a few new office decor items I recently picked up. Lately I have been completely OBSESSED with anything and everything marble so I was quite pleased to find so many amazing marble decor items. Btw Madison says hi 💗🐶

Marble Decor, Marble Clock, Home Goods Marble, Threshold Marble Clock, Marble desk decor, Marble Office Decor

Let me first start out by staying I was absolutely ecstatic to find this marble clock from Target. I looked at this clock many times at Target but for some reason I never purchased it...then one day boom it was gone and I was heartbroken 😢 Anyways yesterday I was in another town and decided to stop by Target and to my surprise they had the marble clock and it was on clearance for only $4.88. I was so happy I almost starting doing the happy dance right there in Target hehe. The marble file folders were a Homegoods find (9 of them for $4.99) and the little planner is from Tj Maxx ($2.99).

Bath and Body Works Fresh Cut Lilacs, Bath and Body Works Marble Candle

For those of you who don't know, I live in Michigan and it feels like it has been winter forever! I went to bath and body works looking for a spring scent..I figured hey I can fake it until I make it right?! 😂 Lucky me they had my favorite spring scent, fresh cut lilacs and to my excitement the candle was even in my favorite marble print oh my gosh I thought today is my lucky day 💜💜

Purple Roses, Girly Desk, Desk Decor

That same day I came home to find these gorgeous roses from my husband. They are so beautiful I just had to share them with all of you. Fresh flowers and the scent of lilacs in my home is making me wish for spring even more. Only 43 more days...yes I'm counting down the days. 

Marble Decor, Marble Desk Decor, Tj Maxx Office Decor

A friend of mine picked up this little gem for my desk. I am in love, not only because it is hilarious but again with the marble...I told you I was obsessed.  In case you are wondering it is from Tj Maxx.

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