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Hi friends, Happy Sunday!! Today I"m sharing our updated landscaping around our 20ft Intex pool. We purchased this pool last year and have been very happy with it other than the landscaping 
around the pool (see pic below).

This is how it looked before. I apologize, its not the best before picture, this is actually a picture from last year when we first set the pool up. I was going to take a before picture this year before we put the
rocks around the pool but I of course got so excited after getting the rocks I went right to work and 
silly me forgot to take a picture. You get the idea though. I was not thrilled about the way it looked, 
it was just grass and dirt around the pool, you could also see parts of the tarp sticking out even after
we had trimmed it up. I knew I wanted to put something around the pool to make it look nicer, but
I wasn't sure what, so I ended up searching on Pinterest and came across this amazing idea.
Around the outside of the pool we used landscape edging to prevent rocks from getting under the pool. You can get this at any home improvement store and even Walmart. We had some laying around from previous projects so this part cost us nothing:)

To make sure the legs were nice and sturdy we set them on these patio blocks we purchased from Menards for only 98 cents a piece. As you can see from the pic one side is smooth and one has grooves in it. We put the smooth side up. These also come in a variety of different colors.

The rocks we used are also from Menards (can you tell I love that store?!). We were originally going to purchase the rocks from a local landscaping business, but the minimum amount you had to buy  
in order to have them delivered was 4 yards and we needed maybe one at most, plus the delivery
charge was $40 so we ended up going with these river rocks from Menards. They were on sale
for $1.98 a bag which is a pretty good price. We bought 25 bags and ended up having 
a few extra...better to buy a few extra bags than to run out in the middle of a project 
and have to run back to the store:)

All together this project cost under $75 and I'm very pleased with the way it looks....I'm just a little 
        sore after lifting all of those bags of rocks 😂 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! 
Xo, Faith 

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